7. desember 2011

♥ 7 ♥ Paper decorations

The youngest in the family is learning to make a five-pointed star.

I tried that last year, and was able to find the tutorial again.

My mother told me she heard a story
about when the Amercan flag
was first made. 
They had planned to make
six-pointed stars.
Then the lady who was sewing the flag, said:
If we make them five-pointed
one cut of the scissors is enough.
Which would be correct
if she used this folding method.
Any Americans out there who can confirm this?

Every advent, my mother invites my kids
to make Christmas decorations.
Here's this year's result:
We have an old book, with lots of different  motifs.

Here a tutorial for making the simple ones.
And here's a link for more elaborated ones. 
(Click on each heart to see how the paper was cut.)

I also found a tutorial for this gift bow.
It's very easy!

And then there are professional artists
working with paper.

This is from this year's Christmas tree at Maihaugen.
Every year, they invite an artist
to decorate their tree.

This year it is Karen Bit Vejle
whom I wrote about earlier
Last year it was Arne and Carlos
with Christmas balls.

The artist was asked in an interview
- what if you make a wrong cut?

- I don't, she answered.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Lovely decorations! And those fine paper ones are amazing. She must have lots of patience and a very steady hand!

Mary Lou sa...

Well I cannot confirm that the story is true, but I can confirm that is the story we were always told. Betsey Ross was the name of the seamstress who showed George Washington how to make those stars. I visited her house in Philadelphia when I was a little girl.

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