20. desember 2011

♥ 20 ♥ Gnomes, santas and maybe a lamb

 The gnomes and the santas are in place!

I did not make any of these myself.
Some are bought, many are gifts.
They stand here every Christmas,
some are added,
some have not survived since last Christmas.

I have not made this nativity crib either.
But I have purchased the booklet,
it arrived quickly and was not expensive,

Maybe I'll start with a lamb?
(I'm probably inspired by the book, "Julemysteriet"
by Jostein Gaarder, "The Christmas Mystery"
where we read one chapter each day in advent.)

3 kommentarer:

Babben sa...

Det er artig med nisser og julekrybber og juleting som man tar frem hvert år. Likte samlingen din :-)
Her leses også Julemysteriet om bjellelammet, et kapittel hver dag. Så lammet blir nok en god start på julekrybben du skal strikke - så får du litt ull å strikke av fren til neste jul.. ;-)
Ønsker deg en riktig god jul!

ClareG sa...

I love your gnomes and santas. The figures in that nativity booklet are surprisingly easy to knit and put together. I was talked into doing a shepherd for our Church children's crib and was very impressed with how clear the pattern was. Usually I struggle with stuffed toys etc, the shepherd stood up first time with no fight!

torirot sa...

Thanks, Clare! I might be giving it a try during the holidays.

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