21. desember 2011

♥ 21 ♥ Do you really think your readers are interested in another pair of mittens?

You're probably tired of reading about mittens now, but on the other hand, if you are reading this blog, you're probably above average interested in knitted mittens, so here you go, another pair of Ginger bread mittens. New charts of the year are moose and butterfly. If you have purchased the pattern, you will have gotten an update with the new charts. Details on Ravelry. The yarn is new to me, Rauma Mitu, a mixture of wool and alpaca, soft and warm.

6 kommentarer:

Babben sa...

Du får snart en Noa's ark full du :-) Ble kjemepfine motiver og nok et par flotte votter!
Vi stemmer JA til flere flotte votter i bloggen din! :-)

WildflowerWool sa...

I never get tired of seeing knitted mittens!


Du har helt rett - vi får aldri nok av votter! På den annen side, det er så mange fine votter at man får aldri verden tid til å strikke alle sammen, om man så blir hundre år. Og det er litt frustrerende, faktisk :-S

Ønsker deg en riktig fin og fredelig jul! Her har julestemningen kommet for fullt - hurra!

craftzone sa...

My favorite mittens for ever...
It's pitty Ravelry doesn't give the updates, hope it's temparary problem.
I'll make the new pair as soon as the new charts will be available - thank you so much! Happy Christmas!

torirot sa...

I'm glad you still want to see mittens!
And I agree with you, Anne, it's a bit frustrating that there's not enough time to knit them all. On the other hand, if we don't have bigger problems in life, we should be happy :-)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

(Craftzone, I've sent you a Ravelry message with the pattern link.)

Cattinka sa...

I always like to see your mittens, I will never get tired of them. I guess I one of the people that are more than above average interesten in them.

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