11. desember 2011

♥ 11 ♥ Mittens and places

A friend of mine has been to Kongsberg. Knowing that I am above average interested in knitted mittens, she sent me s couple of photos of her friens's mittens, the official Kongsberg mittens. Kongsberg is an old Norwegian town, famous for its silver ("sølv") mine.
We wondered about the criteria to become an official mittens, but googling, we found that there hat been a competion organized by "Husflidslaget".

(I'm afraid all the links in this post are in Norwegian..)

I then wondered if there is a Lillehammer mitten.
I found one pattern by Dale, made for the Olympics in 1994.
I don't know if the motifs have anything to do with Lillehammer.

And then I found a pattern called Lillehammervotten,
from a book called Norske votter by Lillill Thuve.
I found some links to this mitten, it's nice enough,
but has nothing to do with Lillehammer,
it looks like alle the patterns in the book
are named after places in Norway.
(The pattern page on Ravelry shows a different mitten
than found everwhere else, so I think that must be wrong, btw. )

Our neighbouring town does have an official mitten: Hamarvotten.
So don't be surprised if you see a Lillehammer mitten here in a while, official or not.

Do you have a special mitten where you come from?

3 kommentarer:

Kardemumma sa...

You have lovely mittens in your blog.

Amy sa...

No mitten from where I grew up - though that's not surprisingly since I'm from the US. But, you have inspired me to think about what motifs would be on such a mitten. I'm off to play with my graph paper!

Linda sa...

Ingen Narvik-vott fins heller :/ Den må jo bare finnes opp! :-)

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