17. desember 2011

♥ 17 ♥ Hippocampus KAL

I'm so flattered that the "Stranded group" on Ravelry has chosen my pattern for their knit along starting on December 26. It was chosen among many other wonderful pattern. It did have the advantage of beeing a free pattern, of course.

The KAL is organised by Nanette. If you're interested in colourwork, you should check out her blog, she has lots of nice links.

I was surprised to read about the KAL on a Spanish knitting blog. Asunción is translating the pattern into Spanish. It is also available in Portuguese and French, in addition to English.

This is my most popular pattern. You can see some versions in my Flickr Gallery and even more on Ravelry.

You can join the KAL here. I'll be there too, maybe knitting a third pair.

5 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

Hi Tori. This is so fun!! May I blog about this KAL and do you have a photo I may use to get people interested? I only have the seahorse in my scarf and on my sweater...

torirot sa...

Welcome to the KAL :-) You can use the photo in this post, if you wish!

Flowermouse Design sa...

Thank you!!!!

garnlek sa...

GRATTIS! Tänk att jag missade det. Har länge beundrat Hippocampus och började på ett par för en par dagar sedan. I Ewillagarn som fanns i mitt lager. Inte lika vackra färger som med Kauni. Så jag går med i KALen o stickar ett par till, Evt i Selbu-varianten.

Cattinka sa...

Maybe I should give this a try, the mittens look very nice.

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