8. desember 2011

♥ 8 ♥ Better late than never

Thanks for your comments on my advent calendar!

Especially thanks to Mary Lou for enlightening us on the story (or myth) of Betsy Ross, who is supposed to have come up with the five-pointed star on the American flag. You can read about her on Wikipedia, and on the Betsy Ross page.

Btw, Mary Lou is having a give away on her blog. You can win a copy of "Craft Acitvism" if you make a comment before the 17th of December. (But don't check it out, since I am going to win that book...)

Ok, I hope you're not tired of reading about mittens...

Last year I made a pair of mittens for one of my twin boys, football mittens with the local football club's logo. I was not able to finish the mittens for his twin brother, so I just wrapped the yarn in a Christmas paper, and promised to make him a pair.

Pattern is mine: Fotballvotter, at the moment only available in Norwegian
Yarn is some sport weight yarn from my stash

It has taken some time, but here they are, ManU mittens.
Football mittens - ManU

Modifications to the pattern: I added the ManU logo from the ManU hat to the back of the mittens.

Football mittens - ManU

2 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

stilige votter. min sønn er "desverre" ikke så glad i fotball, enda .. :-) men har overtalt han til å være med på et lite juleverksted å klippe stjerner og lime kurver. det skal bli koselig!

Vibekes lille ullne sa...

Det var jo bare ett år for sent! ;) Stilige votter som helt sikkert varmer godt denne vinteren også.

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